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Class Details and Availability
A date has not been set for this class yet.
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Title:  DFS900 Operational On-site Training

DFS900 Operational 2-Day On-site Training

This class will need to be held on-site at customer's facility; please email training request to

Who Should Attend

Anyone in a production facility who wants to learn how to switch video signals and create video effects on SONY DFS900.
The contents of the training will be properly adjusted to the capacity of the people in each facility. This course covers from very basics of video production to professional quality video effects.
For the facility which installs the video switcher for the first time, this course will cover from the basic principles of video production, and for the facility which comes with prior experience, the course will cover more advanced features in the video production.

Who You Will Learn

  • Principles of video production with a video switcher
  • Video production terminology
  • Overview of the DFS900
  • System menu configurations
  • Switcher settings
  • Basic video switching
  • Creating Keyer Effects
  • Managing Still Stores
  • Creating DME Effects
  • Creating Events (Snapshots)
  • Creating Sequences (Timeline Effects)
  • Advanced video switching (more creative video effects)

  • Price: The price of $1200 is per student plus instructor's travel expense; price may vary depends on the number of the students. Please email for a complete price quote. Thank you!

    If you have any question regarding this class or website registration, please send us an email to or call us at (408) 352-4500. Thank you!

    Recommended Prerequisite(s):  
     This class will need to be on-site
     at customer's facility.
     Customer's Address, CA 90000
    Price per Student:  $1,200.00

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