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Maintenance > SRW5000/5500/5800
  • SRW-5000/5500/5800 HD Maintenance Combo

    SRW-5000/5500/5800 HD Maintenance Combo

    SRW5000/5500/5800 HD Digital Recorder Maintenance 5-Day Training

    Who Should Attend
    Video maintenance engineers and technicians who are responsible for repairing and maintaining the SRW Series Recorders for optimal performance.
    This course will follow factory recommended procedures for mechanical and electrical alignment along with troubleshooting tips. Course breakdown will be 50 % hands-on and 50% lecture. Previous experience with half inch Digital Recorders is recommended but not essential. Familiarity with video test equipment including oscilloscopes and waveform monitors is desired. Knowledge of basic video is assumed for this course.
    Note: several technology short courses are available from the Sony Training Institute on HDTV technology to better prepare individuals needing more background.

    What You Will Learn

  • Differences in SRW Models
  • SRW format and features
  • Menu operations
  • Error Logger
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Maintenance menus
  • Mechanical overhaul
  • Troubleshooting Drum Issues
  • Detailed Tape Path Alignment
  • Servo/Electrical adjustments
  • Signal flow block diagrams
  • Settings for 3D (5800)
  • HQ/SQ mode (Option)
  • RGB Frame Convert (Option)
  • File Transfer Processor (Option)
  • HDCAM/Digital Betacam (Option)

  • If you have any question regarding this class or website registration, please send us an email to or call us at (408) 352-4500. Thank you!

    Recommended Prerequisite(s): None
    Price per Student: $3,600.00

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       Teaneck, NJ
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       Sony Training Institute (San Jose)
       San Jose, CA
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