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  • SRX-R515P Maintenance

    SRX-R515P Maintenance

    SRX-R515P Maintenance 3-Day Training

    Learn system maintenance and how to perform efficient PMs and parts replacement. Become confident in repairs and informed on the latest in service techniques on the SRX-R515 4K digital projectors.
    Learn effective principals to successfully minimize system downtime when performing preventative maintenance and repairs. Keep up with the fast past of the exciting new 4K projector technology by attending this 3-day System Maintenance training course.
    Recommended Pre-Requisites are: Online courses are available for owners of the SRX-R515.

    Who Should Attend

    Anyone responsible for maintaining, aligning and repairing Sony SRX-R515 projectors should attend this new course.

    What You Will Learn
  • SRX-R515
  • Install & Connect main system components (515)
  • Proper removal of exterior panels
  • Removal/Replacement of Lamps
  • Review of Basic Image Set Up
  • Tools & Jig requirements
  • Connecting to the R515 GUI
  • Installation of SRX Controller
  • Main User Areas of R515 GUI
  • Installation of SRX Controller
  • Color Space Alignment
  • Uniformity and Gamma
  • Maintenance & Replacement of optical block
  • Optical cleaning/alignment
  • Fan replacement
  • PCB Replacement
  • Power Supply removal
  • System log acquisition
  • IMB (Media Block) description
  • IMB Maintenance
  • Unified Manager -Firmware updating

  • If you have any question regarding this class or website registration, please send us an email to . Thank you!

    Recommended Prerequisite(s): None
    Price per Student: $2,500.00

       Sony Training Institute (San Jose)
       San Jose, CA
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