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  • HDC1000/2000 Series Cameras

    HDC1000/2000 Series Cameras

    HDC1000/2000 Series Cameras 5-Day Training

    This maintenance training course will follow factory recommended procedures for electrical alignment, as well as CCU and RCP setup and adjustments. Additionally, it will cover camera system troubleshooting tips. Course breakdown will be 50% hands-on and 50% lecture. The class is taught by a Sony camera specialist with several years of experience and product knowledge.

    Who Should Attend Video maintenance engineers and technicians who are responsible for camera maintenance, setup and alignment. Owners of HDC 1000, 1400, 1500 1550 will also find this course to be extremely valuable.

    What You Will Learn

  • Operator setup and menus signal system and adjustments
  • HD and CCD signal processing and alignments
  • RCP and CCU setup
  • Camera system calibration
  • Camera file system 24sF (segmented frame)
  • Imaging section
  • Signal processing
  • Concepts such as Knee, Slope, Gamma and formats

  • Discount: Sign up 30 days before scheduled date to receive a 15% off!

    If you have any question regarding this class or website registration, please send us an email to or call us at (408) 352-4500. Thank you!

    Recommended Prerequisite(s): Familiarity with video test equipment including oscilloscopes and waveform monitors is required. Prior camera maintenance experience is highly recommended but not essential for this course.
    Price per Student: $4,000.00

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