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Web Users Guide

  • ServicesPLUS Registration

    Before you can order parts or software on line you will need to register as a ServicesPLUS Member. By registering you will be able to place orders quickly and easily on account or credit card. As a registered user you will also have access to other powerful features, including "My Catalog" for frequently ordered parts, real time availability, order status and order tracking.

    Here's how to register:

    Simply click on   Register Now and complete the registration form.

    After registering you can update your profile by clicking on the My Profile link.

     enables you to view your profile and edit certain fields. Fields that you can not edit you can update by calling our customer service group at 1-800-538-7550.  

  • Home Home page:  

  •  Create Your Own Catalog:  
    • Catalog list: Allows you to quickly access your favorite parts. All parts ordered (including software kit part orders) will be stored in your catalog. You can delete parts from your catalog simply by clicking on the delete radio button. Your catalog can be sorted by Model, Part number, or Date added into catalog.
    • Reorder reminders: For parts you order on a schedule basis you can set a reminder alarm by clicking on the bell icon next to a part in your catalog.
  • Parts
    • Parts finder - Primary searches for parts based on sections of manuals loaded into a data base. The models are generally our most popular models. The parts finder is your most complete search and will enable you to view exploded views of the modules within the products.
    • Quick Search - A secondary search that includes all parts in our parts system. Searches can be done based on a partial part number, model, or description. Since parts can be in more than one model you may want to select only the model prefix and a description. Mounted Circuit Boards may appear in the description as MCB, Mounted Board, Mounted Circuit Board, or the actual board number that you will find on a physical board (i.e., DPR126)
    • Quick Order - If you know the part number you can enter it directly into the quick order list, including the quantity. The part will go directly into your shopping cart. View the shopping cart to view the description and price. You must be signed in in order to uses this feature.

  •  Current Shopping Cart This icon lets you see what is in your shopping cart and the availability status. You can see a summary of the line and dollar amount in your shopping cart at any time by either clicking on the View Cart icon or at the top action bar.  

  •   Shows saved and completed web orders. Saved orders are saved for 30 days. Completed orders can be viewed for up to one year from web order completion date.  

  • Ordering Limits - If you order certain quantities/dollar that are unusual compared to our normal order pattern you will get an error message and be requested to call our customer service group to place the order.

  • Software Clicking on the Software button will immediately give you a complete list of all software available for Professional products. You can narrow your search by completing the Model field, Description field, and Product Category. If you don't know all the information please enter as much information as you know. All software ships unless downloadable is identified on the software line.